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Large Loss Water Damage at Elder Beerman

Elder Beerman had a burst water line that flooded 2 levels of the store.  SERVPRO of Northwest Dayton brought in desiccant dehumidifiers from 4 different states to dry out the building in 6 days. We actually had to set up remote monitoring in the pharmacy area as that area was off limits.  Pretty Cool Job!  

Training Room

SERVPRO of Northwest Dayton offers Continuing Education Classes.  We offer ethics, fie damage restoration, water damage restoration, biohazard restoration, content cleaning and mold remediation.  The best part of the classes is that "Grandma Pedtke" cooks a homemade meal with all the trimmings. 

Storage Area for Contents

SERVPRO of Northwest Dayton has over 10,000 square feet for storage of customer's contents.  All contents are electronically tracked using a bar code system so they can be tracked before the items leave the customer's home all the way through to the return process.

Wet Cleaning of Electronics

SERVPRO of Northwest Dayton is the ONLY restoration company in the Dayton , Ohio area that WET cleans electronics.  Yep, WET CLEAN!  The technology is actually used by the United States Navy.  We have a 99% success rate.  The water is softened, heated, de-mineralized and then deionized.  The process make the water "aggressive" with regard to cleaning.  Water attracts metals, dirt, minerals etc.  Therefore when we remove all of those substances, the water attracts those substances during the cleaning process. 

Certifications Renewed

Finally got my certifications renewed

Master's in all 3 areas

Welcome Danielle

This will be running around soon.  I want to welcome Danielle Hurt, our new salesperson to the SERVPRO of Northwest Dayton team

Sewer Damages in Cincinnati

SERVPRO of Northwest Dayton was called in by the SERVPRO Corporate Storm Response Team to help handle over 500 sewer damages for the MSD.  SERVPRO was the ONLY team who could handle all of the claims with consistency and estimating accuracy.

Commercial Large Loss at Elder-Beerman's

Back in 2007, Elder-Beerman's flooded from a broke water line.  It soaked 2 floors and power was limited.  Within 24 hours SERVPRO of Northwest Dayton was able to secure power generation equipment from Nashville, Maryland, Texas and Illinois to assist in the drying process.  On the right side of the picture, you can see a large Desiccant Dehumidifier which works in subzero temperatures.  We had over 300,000 amps of power for air movers and desiccant dehumidifiers.  We had Elder-Beerman's back in business in less than a week!

Drying an attic at a VFW

We received a call that a VFW had a busted water line in an attic and insulation was wet.  We removed all the insulation and since our dehumidifier was not able to be installed into the attic, we used lay flat ducting and ran the exhaust into the attic where it was secured.

Example of a pack out

This is a picture of a homeowner's office.  They had sustained a bad fire and all of their items in the home needed to be electronically inventoried, room by room, so it could be moved back to our warehouse.  By doing so, this allows the insurance company to expedite the construction process without having to worry about contents being broken or thrown away.

High end cleaning of very expensive items

This was an on site fire damage cleaning.  The family is very well known in the area and has a horse farm.  The house has a malfunction in the furnace and it blew soot throughout the home.  You can look closely and you will notice that about everything in this home is high end items or high dollar collectables.  I'm just thinking...take your time cleaning and don't break anything...and we didn't!

Marketing with the fast and furious

Here is a picture of our marketing car.  SERVPRO Industries, Inc., used to sponsor an ARCA Series race car for a few years.  So, we decided to do a replica of it and we use it for marketing around town!